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About Us

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The Advanced Libyan Group for Oil Services and Derivatives (ALGOS) traces its roots back to the year 2008 when a group of visionary individuals with extensive expertise in the oil and gas industry came together with a shared dream. Their goal was to establish a dynamic and innovative company that would play a pivotal role in driving Libya’s oil and gas sector forward and contribute significantly to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

In its early days, ALGOS began as a small venture, focusing on providing essential oil services and derivatives to the local market. Its commitment to delivering exceptional services and pioneering projects quickly set it apart as a promising player in Libya’s oil and gas industry.

Over the years, ALGOS continued to expand its capabilities and explore new avenues for growth. Recognizing the importance of strategic partnerships, the company forged alliances with both local and international entities to enhance its expertise and resources. These partnerships facilitated the exchange of knowledge, innovation, and best practices, enabling ALGOSD to stay at the forefront of advancements within the industry.

In 2017, a significant turning point occurred in ALGOS’s journey. The company underwent a strategic restructuring, aiming to consolidate its position as a prominent force in Libya’s oil and gas industry. This restructuring brought forth a renewed focus on long-term relationships, trust, honesty, integrity, fairness, and perseverance as the core principles guiding ALGOS’s operations.

With a clear vision in mind, ALGOS positioned itself as a key player in the oil services sector by securing permits to trade and export a wide range of oil derivatives. This achievement solidified the company’s standing as a reliable and trusted supplier in the market, attracting interest from organizations seeking to enter the Libyan market.

ALGOS’s dedication to efficiency and accountability is reflected in its adherence to stringent financial and operational controls across all projects. This commitment not only ensures successful project execution but also reinforces its reputation as a sought-after partner in the industry.

Throughout its history, ALGOS has taken great pride in its Libyan identity while maintaining an international network of partners. This strategic approach has enabled the company to leverage the strengths of local expertise and global partnerships, paving the way for ambitious expansion plans.

Looking ahead, ALGOS is steadfast in its commitment to contribute to Libya’s self-sufficiency in the oil and gas sector. With a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning drilling, oil well completion services, procurement, electromechanical works, piping, transportation, manpower supply, logistics, and civil engineering works, the company aims to address the nation’s energy needs and industrial requirements.

As The Advanced Libyan Group for Oil Services and Derivatives continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry, it remains guided by its unwavering dedication and commitment to the nation. By fostering strong business relationships, embracing innovation, and collaborating with global entities, ALGOSD is committed to forging new pathways of success in the times to come, contributing significantly to Libya’s growth and development.

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Our Managment Experts

Dr. Weal Omar

Founder, CEO

Dr. Mohamed Debashi

Co Founder, Head of Oil & Gas Division, COO

Walid Ali Khalifa

Head of Transport and Logistics


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